How To Lose Weight Using the Theory of Small Steps

We know how to get in shape: eat less and move more. And we know how to exercise: raise your heart rate and do exercises like squats. We also know how to eat right: consume more vegetables and protein, and consume less sugar. But how do you get yourself to follow these rules?

Dr. Helga

Nutritionist and Researcher

Small steps to big victories

Let’s look at the Japanese theory of small steps — kaizen. The essence of the theory is to work toward the goal progressively — a little bit at a time, but every day. If you abruptly change your lifestyle (give up sweets, stop eating after 6, start working out 5 times a week), you will want to see results by the end of the day. If you don't achieve your goals quickly, you will want to quit. Every day small changes form new habits, which are painlessly built into life. It is scientifically proven that small steps lead to big results, and this theory works best in weight loss.

Principles that will help you achieve success

Find motivation. You need a good reason to lose weight, otherwise no progress will happen. If you decide to do it just because you "need to get in shape", you'll give it up as soon as more important things come up. Realize that all your motivations should be permanent.

Start small. Giving up three sugar cubes in your tea at once is hard, but starting with one and then progressing to two is easy. Forget the big goal and focus on implementing the small step. As UCLA School of Medicine professor Sean Young, PhD, writes, every time we achieve even a small goal, we produce dopamine, the pleasure hormone. If the brain enjoys something, it tends to repeat that pleasurable experience again.

Don't set limits. Do not deprive yourself of what you love, which inevitably leads to bad moods and crashes. If you adore desserts, eat them in moderation. For example, don’t eat them after every meal — only do so after breakfast. The point of losing weight is not to completely eliminate "unhealthy" food, but to gradually reduce the volume of portions, and then progressing.

Encourage yourself. When you practice new healthy habits, spoil and reward yourself — but not with food. Buy the sneakers you've been dreaming of for a long time, or visit places you've been meaning to go for a long time.

Choose an exercise activity you enjoy. This ensures that the habit will become part of your life faster. If you hate running, don't force yourself to run in the morning. Even regular walking is a useful exercise.

Find joy in the process. This is the most important part of change. Losing weight should be easy and enjoyable — only then it will be a success. All new changes should please you.

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20 July 2022

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