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All questions

• Bones and muscles

L 5 Pars defect found told don’t have fractures and my pain isnt real

FINDINGS: Overall normal lumbar alignment. Vertebral body heights are normal. Marrow signal is benign. Bilateral pars defects. Trace anterolisthesis of L5 on S1. Retroperitoneal structures are unremarkable. Sacrum is unremarkable. T12-L4: Mild facet degenerative change. No spinal canal. No neural foramen narrowing. L4-L5: Disc desiccation with a mild broad-based disc bulge. Small central disc protrusion. Moderate facet and mild - moderate ligamentum flavum hypertrophy. Mild neural foramen stenosis. L5-S1: Trace anterolisthesis with bilateral pars defects. Disc desiccation with a minimal broad-based disc bulge. There is a right paracentral annular fissure. Moderate ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophy. No significant spinal canal or neural foraminal narrowing. IMPRESSION: 1. Overall mild multilevel degenerative changes most pronounced at L4-L5 and L5-S1. 2. No significant spinal canal or neural foramen narrowing.
• Hormones and thyroid


Since the ability to order labs online, around 2011, I discovered that my DHEAS level was markedly low, it runs between 55 and 70.. my TSH is normal, and other hormones of the adrenal system are normal. Would anyone have any thoughts about this abnormality?Normal for my age is 100 to 250
• Cardiovascular health

Any hearth issue evidence? Exam before covid infection

Those are exams before a covid infection which is now in progress.
30 Aug 2022
RBC and 50 more
Male 33
26 Jul 2022
RBC and 44 more
Male 55
• Respiratory system

Bad odour

I usually experience urine like smell around my nose when i lay down, what might be the cause
• Bacterial and viral infections


I have never been aware of this until reviewing my labs out of pure determination to find why im always sick are in pain or tired and have so many chronic infections and the list goes on and on . I see a hematologist for a bleeding disorder if unknown origen i had a miscarriage with hemorrhaged for a year and a half so had to see a specialist for gynecology, a specialist ENT for swollen lymphnodes and a benign mass on my adnoids ,narrawing of my optic nerve chronic urinary bladder kidney infectsions sever lower back pain cardiologist for heart palpitations and high blood pressure all “ANXIETY” nobody diagnosed me with EBV but my labs say different which i believe actually could be CAEVB its been over 2 years of hospitals and doctors could this be CAEBV judged off my blood culture results seen here . Because every symptom is so identical that im in awe right now . Also what type of Doctor should i consult for further testing if so. IgG <700.00 IgM <38.20. IgG nuclear antigen <600.00
14 May 2019
Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen IgG
Female 40
• Blood

CBC blood test out of range

Im concerned with the results from my CBC LAB Test. They are low and out of range. Please see below. Should i be concerned ? Whaf coule cause this ? I dont have any medical conditions besides asthma and allergies that i know of. The other following were out of range : Mixed Cells # 0.6 10 3/uL , Mixed Cells % 7.4 % Neutrophils # 5.1 10 3/uL Red Cell Distribution Width 14.3 % Lymphocytes # 1.9 10 3/uL Lymphocyte % 24.9 % L
17 Feb 2022
Lymphocytes % and 5 more
Female 31

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