Ornament Will Exchange Data With Apple Health

There is good news for all iPhone owners. The new version of Ornament can be integrated with the Apple Health app. How will it work? And what are the benefits?


Editor-in-Chief Ornament Health AG

Lifestyle + tests = accurate results

Ornament stores and analyzes lab test results, and, in case of any abnormalities, gives recommendations for further actions. It would seem that it knows everything about your health. However, although biomarkers can tell a lot about the state of your body, there are a number of other factors that also affect it including lifestyle, physical activity, sleep quality, and nutrition.

These and a number of other important data points for health assessment are contained in Apple Health, which aggregates them from various applications installed on the user's smartphone. Now, they will all appear in Ornament. To do this, you will need to allow Ornament access to Apple Health data after updating the app, and all the information will automatically be integrated into your profile. The user can decline to share data between the apps, in which case both apps will continue to run offline.

Why did we do this?

The answer is simple. We want to get to know you better so that we can be even more useful and give you an even more accurate assessment of your health. For example, if your profile does not contain enough tests to evaluate your cardiovascular system, but we know that the user has a sedentary lifestyle, eats a lot of fatty foods, and has a higher than average resting heart rate, we can point out potential risks and suggest a cardiac check-up — even without having the usual test results. Information about a woman's menstrual cycle will allow a more accurate interpretation of hormone test results. Significant excess weight will affect the overall assessment of certain organs.

In addition, data sharing will save you from needing to manually enter a range of information the first time you fill out your profile. By downloading the app and syncing it with Apple Health you will have already partially completed your profile. After that, all the user needs to do is download the study forms and start using Ornament to its fullest potential.

What data will go into Ornament?

Ornament will collect the data needed for a more accurate assessment of your condition. First, the application will include your weight, height, BMI, blood glucose level, pulse, number of steps walked, average body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation. And this is just the beginning! In the future, other indicators will appear in the Ornament app, which will allow us to protect you from potential risks and health problems even more effectively.

29 November 2021

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Great news! But how to import healthkit data for different profiles?:)