Ornament Invests in Airline Passenger Safety

Ornament was the leading participant in the most recent investment round for the Cordillera project.


Editor-in-Chief Ornament Health AG

A new word in-flight safety

Ornament was the leading participant in the most recent investment round for the Cordillera project. In total, within the framework of this stage of financing, the company raised 7.7 million euros. Cordillera is a modifiable emergency oxygen system that will replace the units currently operating on aircraft. Emergency oxygen protects passengers and crew in the event of a drop in the aircraft’s pressure level.

Existing equipment only performs this function for a short period of time. Currently, if decompression occurs, aircraft need to make a steep descent to a safe altitude for people to breathe (usually descending to 10,000 feet). This steep maneuver is dangerous enough on its own.

Cordillera's patented technology is designed specifically for decompression situations. It prevents the oxygen in the cabin from dropping as rapidly, giving the flight crew more time to make decisions and manage critical situations.

In addition, Cordillera technology gives the airliner large deviation capabilities that reduce risks such as bird collisions, icing, and congestion on light aircraft routes that can occur when flying at 10,000 feet after a decompression situation.

Snezhana Gurina, Executive Director of Ornament Health AG: Health and safety issues are an absolute priority for us. That's why Ornament Health AG follows the latest developments in this field and contributes to the development of innovative technologies.

Solid advantages

Cordillera technology not only improves the safety of air travel but is also extremely advantageous for the airline industry. It reduces flight time, fuel consumption, and the amount of fuel released into the atmosphere — extremely important for the environment. Planes will be able to travel safely even in high-altitude regions such as the Himalayas.

Upcoming plans

The Cordillera is now being tested for compliance with international medical and regulatory requirements. Thanks to the investment received, it is now possible to speed up the development process and involve major international experts. As early as 2022, the first contracts may be signed, and aircraft equipped with the new system will make their first flights.

30 December 2021

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