Ornament Pro: Connecting Doctors and Patients

Ornament is introducing a new service that will help facilitate communication between healthcare professionals — doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists, and coaches — and their patients, organize patient data, reduce appointment times, and make medical care more efficient.


Editor-in-Chief Ornament Health AG

No more wasted time

In order to solve a patient’s problem, the specialist needs to review his or her medical history, including the results of laboratory tests and other examinations. Digging through the paperwork and looking for the right test might take up most of the appointment time, and sometimes there is simply not enough time for the examination and all the necessary questions. With Ornament’s users, the situation is much easier as all of their medical data is in their phone, sorted by date. Even then, examining documentation comprehensively takes time. Additionally, sharing the results of prescribed tests via email or messaging apps can be inconvenient for the specialist and might even distract them from their work with other patients.

Ornament Pro helps to avoid these issues. As soon as the patient gets his or her test results and uploads them to his or her profile in Ornament, they appear in the profile in Ornament Pro and become visible to the doctor, who can look through them at their leisure and give all the necessary recommendations.

Ornament Pro was officially launched in May 2023.

Easy to use

To get access to all the benefits of Ornament Pro, a medical specialist only needs to register on the platform and add all patients — users of the Ornament app — to his or her personal account. After that, the specialist will get full access to the patient’s labs or survey answers and be able to see them in the browser on Mac or PC. This is absolutely free of charge and does not require the installation of any special software. The personal information of patients is fully secure. Data is transmitted over a secure channel, and patients have complete control over who they share data and can revoke access at any time.

With Ornament Pro, any healthcare professional can do the following:

  • easily get the medical history of a patient
  • access all necessary data
  • avoid reading multi-page test reports on a phone screen
  • save time during the appointment and after
  • monitors the treatment process in real-time.

19 May 2023

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