SelfDecode Customers Get Access to Digitization Service by Ornament Health

The unique digitization service developed by the Swiss digital health company Ornament Health is now available to SelfDecode users.


Editor-in-Chief Ornament Health AG

SelfDecode is a premium precision health software designed to provide personalized health recommendations based on a user's DNA, blood tests, and lifestyle factors. Through comprehensive reports based on genetic data and easy-to-understand interpretations of blood test results, SelfDecode is helping people achieve optimal health.

The digitization service by Ornament Health AG is the only one of its kind specializing in medical records. It is able to recognize more than 4,100 biomarkers in 6 languages, with high speed and accuracy of results. The files can be either in PDF or image format.

Thanks to the integration of the digitization service with the SelfDecode platform, customers of SelfDecode no longer need to manually verify the accuracy of lab test results before interpretation. All they have to do is upload forms to the website and receive a thoroughly verified result. The two-phase digitization control system by Ornament Health features maximum precision, making it an indispensable tool for telemedicine companies, laboratories and medical centers.

Joe Cohen, founder of SelfDecode: When it comes to medical information, the accuracy of data transfer is paramount. In this regard, Ornament's product fully meets our high standards. I am sure that with the integration we will be able to provide our customers with an even higher level of service.

19 September 2023

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