When Do Doctors Prescribe Rectal Medicines, and Are They Worth It?

Medications can be taken in different ways. The method depends on the diagnosis, the patient's condition, and concomitant diseases. It is more familiar and easier for us to swallow pills, but sometimes doctors insist on rectal suppositories. Let's consider why?

Dr. Irene

pediatrician, otolaryngologist, phoniatrician
  • Suppositories are often prescribed if for some reason the patient cannot swallow the pill. For example, a small child, a person in serious condition, or someone with a pronounced gag reflex.

  • In the case of pathological processes in the pelvic area, rectal and vaginal suppositories are the fastest and most effective methods of drug delivery.

  • Once in the body through the mouth, drugs pass through the stomach and intestines, where there are hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes that destroy medicinal substances. With the rectal application, the agent immediately enters the systemic circulation.

  • Fat-soluble drugs more easily penetrate the cell membrane and are more quickly absorbed precisely with this method of administration.

  • Candles are not in conflict with other strong drugs—they will not interfere with each other or harm the body.

  • While pills can aggravate gastritis, cause stomach ulcers and affect the liver, suppositories do not harm the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Rectum intake works faster, which means the bioavailability of the drug increases.

  • If there is a strong substance in the suppository, the dose corresponds to that for oral or injection.

23 March 2021

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