7 Most Dangerous Weight Loss Techniques

Everyone dreams about slimming down for the beach. However, nutritionists warn that some weight loss techniques can have undesired effects and lead to serious health issues.

Dr. Marina


Pills with helminths

Most often, these include Ascaris lumbricoides larvae. In fact, these are worms that get into the small intestine. The more you take, the more body mass you lose. The manufacturers of these drugs state that it is enough to take an anti-helminth drug after achieving the desired effect and that the parasites will leave your body.

What really happens? If you want roundworms to help you lose weight, you need to get hundreds of them inside your body. This process is accompanied by a huge discomfort: the patient feels pain, spasms, stool disorder, and feels generally unwell. Being infected with helminths can result in lung damage, pancreas disorder, stomach inflammation, and even intestinal obstruction. Additionally, the person can become contagious and spread the parasitic infection.

Pills blocking fats absorption

These drugs are probably the most popular since their manufacturers promise that you will be able to eat fats, but your body will not store them.

What really happens? Your body cannot live without fats. When fat absorption is inhibited, such fat-soluble vitamins as A, D, and E are not absorbed properly. In this situation, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract will be in danger, especially the functioning of the liver and gallbladder. These drugs can lead to the formation of gallstones and irreversible damage to the gallbladder.

Calorie blockers

These drugs block the action of alpha-amylase. This ferment is involved in breaking complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. Additionally, the human body will not absorb complex carbohydrates that are not broken down by alpha-amylase.

What really happens? People with excess body weight and obesity get most of their calories from saturated fats and simple carbohydrates, unaffected by the calorie blockers. Your body needs polyunsaturated complex carbs. As a result, bad carbs are easily absorbed while the body starts to lack good carbs.


Those who prefer this method assert that it is possible to lose 10–15 kg in a couple of months while eating everything they like, without any health risks.

What really happens? In addition to unpleasant sensations associated with this weight loss technique, those who try it will certainly have gut problems since the human body is not used to regularly forced defecation. Feces will leave the body together with nutrients, useful bacteria, and microelements. The absorption of foods will be reduced since some substances are broken in the small intestine. Other consequences may include hair loss, fingernail problems, and bone fractures.

Slimming teas

Herbal teas are mentioned as a natural and harmless remedy to reduce weight. The composition of the drink also looks harmless, as it is made up of only medicinal herbs. They are expected to promote metabolism, clean the body of toxins and help to achieve the desired goal.

What really happens? In most cases, slimming teas have diuretic and laxative effects. Consequently, they will overload your kidneys and gut. The diuretic substances can lead to arrhythmias and increased blood pressure, which is dangerous for those who suffer from hypertension. Other negative consequences can include dehydration and indigestion, which would require a long treatment.

Replacing sugar with substitutes

In many cases, the body mass increases because of consuming so-called quick carbs, with sugar being the most desired one. Today, many people take sugar substitutes, originally intended for those suffering from diabetes, as an alternative since these substitutes have zero calories while possessing the same taste.

What really happens? Taking certain sugar substitutes leads to very unpleasant side effects. For example, aspartame leads to deterioration of vision and memory and increases the risk of developing stroke. Other research has shown that saccharin and sucralose negatively affect kidneys, which in the long run can lead to increased blood pressure, risk of developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart attacks.

Protein diet

Skipping fats and carbs in favor of proteins helps promote quick weight loss. However, nutritionists are increasingly highlighting the consequences of such a diet, which has made many people regularly visit nephrologists and hepatologists.

What really happens? Consuming large quantities of proteins without enough vegetable fiber in your diet, such as fruits and vegetables, leads to body aging. It also leads to constipation, body intoxication, and the formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. Additionally, high consumption of proteins overloads the kidneys and liver, increases blood clotting, and can lead to thrombosis.

29 May 2021

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