Should You Wear a Bra?

The French professor Jean-Denis Rouillon began studying the health of women's breasts back in 1977. He was particularly careful to study the relationship between breast sagging and the wearing of a bra. In 2013 he published the results of his work, which had a bombshell effect as the professor recommended that women should give up bras.

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Breast freedom

According to professor Rouillon, whether or not a bra is worn does not affect the state of breast tissue, does not prevent or accelerate sagging of the bust, and "in fact is a matter solely of a woman's personal choice and her ideas about aesthetics.”

The study was subjected to serious criticism. The first criticism was that among the 300 participants of the study there were none with large or very large breasts. The second criticism was that the study divided the women into groups of those who wore a bra and those who did not, but in the group of those who wore a bra, the time of wearing was not taken into consideration. Whether those in the group who wore a bra wore one for two hours per day or 24 hours per day did not matter.

However, this does not mean that the study was a waste of time. Rouillon managed to convincingly prove that a bra is not necessary. And if you like the shape of your breasts and the feeling of freedom, you should not wear a bra because you think you need it for health reasons. Breasts of small size do not need artificial support, and bras that do not fit right can cause problems.

What bras should be avoided?

Too tight — when the bra squeezes the breast significantly, the blood and lymph flow is disturbed. This can cause complications down the line, so it is best to wear a bra that fits.

Synthetic material inserts — this especially includes silicone and polyurethane, as they create a greenhouse effect that is not good for the breast.

Strapless — these models contribute to a redistribution of weight on the armpit area and create undesirable pressure on the location of lymph nodes.

Incorrect shape — a bra should support your breasts in a natural position, and not lift them, reduce them to the center of the chest or press them down.

How many hours a day can I wear a bra?

There is no strict limit, of course, but doctors recommend removing it at night.

How often should I check my breasts?

Women need to examine themselves regularly to check for lumps or possible signs of cancer. Starting at the age of 40, have mammograms regularly.

09 September 2021

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