COVID-19: Should We Vaccinate Those Who Recovered From the Disease?

This is a question that many people who have had the COVID-19 virus ask themselves. If yes, how much time should pass between having the virus and getting vaccinated? If I don't get vaccinated, will I fall ill again? Let's take a look at how to handle this situation.

Dr. Helene

General practitioner

Coronavirus immunity?

It has already been established that people who have had the disease develop antibodies to the virus, which can protect the person from getting infected again. At this point, it is believed that the average person who has had the disease remains immune for 4–5 months. However, if the disease has passed in a very mild form, the level of antibodies may be low, and the chance of getting infected again still exists.


The CDC recommends that everyone should get vaccinated, even after you have recovered from COVID-19 . However, if the treatment involved monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait for 90 days before getting vaccinated. If you have more questions about the vaccination, speak with your doctor.

29 April 2021

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