D-Dimer — Why Take It?

Almost everybody learned the name of this test when the Covid-19 pandemic started. Why is it necessary for all patients who had coronavirus to take this test? What other health conditions might require it?

Dr. Ely

General practitioner

D-dimer eliminates the threat of thromboembolism or thrombosis. When blood clots appear in the body, the concentration of D-dimer protein in the blood increases to dissolve the blood clot.

In a healthy person, the concentration of D-dimer is insignificant. But when small blood clots appear in the heart or the veins of the legs, small pelvis, and other organs, D-dimer immediately increases tenfold.

At this point, the doctor may immediately start looking for the thrombosis zone and take measures to protect the patient. D-dimer can also increase in pregnant women, patients with cancer, and those aged 80 and older.

23 March 2021

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