10 Mistakes Parents Make That Harm Their Children

Caring parents love giving energy and time to their children, but they often overlook dangers that can lead to disastrous consequences. Are you acting the same way?

Dr. Irene

pediatrician, otolaryngologist, phoniatrician
  1. Underestimating the baby's ability to access places where adults leave medicines and dietary supplements, which can lead to severe poisoning.

  2. Keeping household and cleaning products or other substances in attractive containers, and leaving them in places accessible to the child. For example, Lysol being poured into a bottle of sweet drink and stored under the sink where the child can reach it is asking for trouble.

  3. One of the most common causes why babies end up in the department of traumatology and neurology is because of a bad fall out of the “baby wrapper." This occurs when the child is in an incorrect position. Babies should always be carried at the front so that the parent has complete control of the situation and belt tension or the baby’s position can be corrected.

  4. Leaving matches lying around where the child can easily find and play with them, which can have serious consequences.

  5. Not all babies agree to wear hats in hot weather. The parent’s responsibility is to find a solution—for example, persuade the child, come up with a game, sew "ears" to the panama hat, etc. Do not let the child play in the sun without a headcover. "Sunstroke" is a serious condition, and it requires the help of a specialist.

  6. Children are very fond of sweets, and some children are very fond of both sweets and fatty food—especially buttercream cakes. During the holidays, children tend to get unlimited access to their favorite treats—whether it is because the parents want to treat their child or because of oversight. However, this can lead to severe poisoning, requiring immediate hospitalization.

  7. Children often mistake mosquito nets on windows as safe to play with and lean against, which can result in serious tragedies. Make sure that windows are safe for children!

  8. Children do not often drown when adults are present. To prevent this, make sure children have life vests or armbands to float. Adults should ensure they are in good working condition before putting them on the child.

  9. More and more children are undergoing emergency operations after swallowing foreign bodies that get trapped in the airways. Do not let children play with batteries, magnets, or latex balloons!

  10. Do not treat children with adult medicines—this can lead to health problems that may be life-threatening. The most common cause of severe poisoning in children happens with vasoconstrictor drops.

23 March 2021

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