7 Foods and Drinks That Are Dangerous to Children

Proper diet is even more important for children than it is for adults. When children are young, we create the basis for their good health and eating habits. Therefore, it is essential to avoid mistakes when setting a diet for children so that they don't have to deal with the consequences later in life.

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Parents never intend to harm their children on purpose. However, parents often don't understand how harmful certain foods and drinks can be. Here is the list of foods and drinks that you should avoid giving to young children, and that older children should only have as an exception.

Sweet carbonated drinks. These products contain a significant amount of sugar, which is bad for teeth and digestion. Additionally, caffeine and other energetic substances in these drinks affect the nervous system. Finally, some food dyes, such as azorubine, are prohibited for children, while the red carmine dye is the leading cause of severe allergies.

Sweet baked goods, which include hydrogenated fats, margarine, confectionery fats, and yeast. Cookies, brownies, and other baked goods include all of these substances, which can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, lead to extra weight, cause food allergies and even cause cancer.

Deep-fried foods. These include donuts, french fries, and chips. When oil is subjected to high temperatures, it generates acrylamide, which is a toxic substance viewed as a cause of cancer.

Salami and sausages, especially smoked ones. Processed meats include large quantities of fat, salt, spices, and food additives. And sausage is not a good source of protein, as it is only half meat. Those who want to give their children a treat should purchase sausages intended for children.

Yogurts with additives. Many parents mistakenly think that dairy is always good for health. However, yogurts with fruit additives can contain as much sugar as a can of soda. When you purchase yogurts, always read the labels and choose those containing minimal sugar, food coloring, and additives — or better yet, none at all. It is also recommended to choose products with average fat content and short storage life. In most cases, fat-free yogurts include too much sugar and various flavor enhancers. The label should also include information about the number of lactic acid bacteria.

Caramel and any hard candies. Generally, all sweets are bad for children, but hard candies are particularly harmful as they stay in the mouth for a long time.

Spicy and marinated dishes. Taste buds in children are tuned to enjoy natural fresh foods. Spicy and overly flavored dishes can disrupt the sense of taste, which can lead to bad eating habits. Additionally, marinated and spicy food is very bad for children whose sensitive stomachs are not ready yet to digest it.

01 June 2021

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